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At Paisley Law LLC, our team of attorneys brings together a wide range of diverse legal experience to assist injured victims of negligence in their pursuit of just compensation. With more than 12 years of legal experience, Paisley Law LLC uses strategy, knowledge and proven practices to help our clients have the best chance for a maximum recovery. James Paisley is a Georgia native and brings his strengths and experiences as a former prosecutor to create a dynamic, dedicated and passionate approach to help those who've been injured recover all they deserve.

Attorney James L. Paisley

Firm Founder + Senior Partner

Born and raised in Georgia, Attorney James earned an undergraduate degree at Georgia Tech, graduating with high honors. Afterwards, he went on to study law at Florida State University, where he also graduated near the top of his class. James began his legal career in the field of civil advocacy, where he represented the rights and causes of women and children who were victims of abuse, neglect and beatings by their spouses or parents. He worked as a state prosecutor in Georgia, trying suspected offenders of drunk driving accidents and other criminal activity that led to the injury of victims.

During this time, he learned invaluable skills concerning the investigation of evidence from an accident scene, examination of medical records and evidence, and even on police methods of accident reconstruction. These are all skills he uses today in civil court for the same end—fighting for the victims of negligent accidents and other acts that lead to injury.

Attorney James has tried over 100 jury cases in both Florida and Georgia. Today, he fights to see his injury clients obtain the maximum recovery of compensation possible, providing them with a smooth, informative, and involved process in the meantime. He is entirely committed to fighting for the best interest of his clients no matter what it takes.

Attorney Jason Ferguson

Of Counsel

Georgia personal injury attorney Jason Ferguson has experience in the field of insurance claims—only, from an entirely different perspective. He began his legal career as a new attorney representing a Fortune 500 insurance company defending against the personal injury claims of victims. His position required him to investigate claims for the purpose of negotiating and defending against claims of personal injury on a daily basis. After his time defending the insurance company, he went on to become a federal prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice and, being a member of the United States Air Force Reserve, served as a military prosecutor for the U.S. Army and Air Force. Although having since left his position as a criminal military prosecutor, Jason proudly continues to serve his country as a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

Having a background in both prosecution and defense, Jason is able to bring a wide plethora of knowledge to the table when helping victims of negligence. He uses his experience as an insurance defense attorney to build claims and cases with preemptive knowledge of their counterpart's strategies and methods of negotiation. Furthermore, as a prosecutor, he gleaned skills of investigation and examination of evidence which, today, he uses to the benefit of his clients and the firm. He knows how big insurance companies think and he is always prepared to fight for the best interest of innocent injury victims.

Paisley Law LLC provides compassionate care and aggressive representation to innocent personal injury victims in Georgia. Contact the firm today for more information or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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