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These results are intended to convey not only how successful Paisley Law can be at maximizing the value of a case, but also to show by example what types of cases we fight on behalf of our clients. These certainly are not all of our results, and some of the values are smaller, but they show the spectrum of what we can do when people entrust us to advocate for them. Whether you have a trucking case, a daycare negligence case, an auto wreck, a premises liability case, or even a negligent security serious injury or death, Paisley Law will do everything they can to get the best result for your case.

$780,000 – Jury Verdict / Stacey L. / Trucking Case – our client was rear ended by a commercial tractor trailer and the Defendant fled the scene. Luckily 18-wheelers are easy to find and the driver was apprehended 2 miles away. Client suffered several lower back disc bulges and herniations but chose to forgo surgery because of the risks involved. Her life was turned upside down because of the constant pain and complications. At trial the strategy was not to focus on the hit and run but the actual injuries and pain and suffering of our client. After a 5 day trial the jury deliberated 4 hours and returned a monster verdict for a non-surgical case. It certainly helped to have a wonderful client and she had an amazing husband to support her through the process. The case was appealed post-trial and then settled while pending appeal.

$1,300,000 – Settled Pre-Suit / Henry P. / Car Wreck – Henry was the passenger in a friend’s car and they were up all night – not drinking, but just hanging out with friends. Henry fell asleep in the front passenger’s seat and per the car’s powertrain module / black box, the driver drove 90mph around a sharp highway ramp, in and out of traffic, and lost control wrapping the passenger’s side of the car around a very large pine tree. Henry suffered a broken femur and ankle, and several other fractures. He had 2 surgeries to repair his leg and made a wonderful recovery. $1.3 million was the maximum we could recover under the insurance policy limits. He was the perfect client, and had a great family too. After this case settled, our Client was very much inspired and used part of his settlement to go to law school.

$150,000 – Ryan G. / Car Wreck Surgical Case - He was a passenger in his friend’s car when his buddy ran through a stop sign and hit an oak tree. Ryan had surgery on his femur and was still able to go to college on a ROTC scholarship. $150,000 was the maximum policy limits he could recover under the liability and uninsured coverage available to him.

$15,000 – In Re: T.W. a Minor Child – Daycare Negligence - T.W. was a 2 year old at a daycare facility in intown Atlanta. His daycare was so poorly run that the staff was using industrial chemicals to clean the training potties. Numerous children repeatedly suffered minor chemical burns and his mother had enough of it and took action after removing him from that school. TW suffered 1st degree burns and healed without any further treatment.

$85,000 – Mindy P., Brandi N. – Car wreck / Settled Pre-Suit - Our luckiest clients EVER were heading home after working the night shift heading south on GA 400 when a drunk driver driving the wrong way clipped their vehicle almost head on. The car spun around many times but the girls were relatively okay and had some minor soft-tissue injuries. They recovered well and because of the aggravating factors of drunk driving, we were able to recover the maximum settlement under the auto insurance policy of $85,000. Any case with a drunk driver is automatically worth much more because of the punitive aspects of being DUI.

$1,000,000 – Settled Pre-Suit / Adam L. / Homeowner’s Insurance Burn Case – Adam was enjoying some adult beverages with his best friend outside of his friend’s exterior garage. Adam fell asleep outside and because it was cold, the homeowner/buddy put Adam in a reclined lounge chair inside the garage and put a 45,000 BTU commercial grade propane heater within 18 inches of Adam. Adam woke up on fire and suffered 3rd degree burns over 20% of his body. He spent a month in a burn center and has permanent severe scarring from the burns. Paisley Law brought the claim against the homeowner’s insurance company and recovered the maximum under the liability policy limits of $1,000,000.00. The insurance company tendered the $1 million policy limits in less than 1 month after receiving our demand for payment.

$650,000 – Settled During Litigation / Trucking Case – Traumatic Brain Injury / Mandy P. - Our client was driving in a commercial truck’s blind spot in North Atlanta when the truck came into her lane, hit her, and caused her to spin out of control. She hit the concrete divider and lost consciousness due to a brain bleed. With fast medical intervention, our client was blessed to be near a trauma center and received life- saving medical care. She made a full recovery and has no noticeable lingering effects from her injuries. A year of hard fought litigation yielded a great result for our client. Another great family (and extended family) that really came together to help and assist the when the Matriarch couldn’t take care of her family.

$300,000 – Settled Pre-Suit / Dawn P. / Car Wreck Surgical Case – Dawn was hit head on when a car turned in front of her and didn’t see our client. Her calcaneus (heel bone) was fractured and was surgically stabilized in the ER. She had 2 more surgeries to alleviate pain and still has mobility problems today. The $300,000 was the maximum policy limits allowable to recover from the liability carrier, plus her own uninsured motorist coverage.

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