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Every day, hundreds of people will slip, trip or fall because of something unexpected in their path. Too many of these instances can turn into serious accidents with major injuries to the victim of the incident. In the field of personal injury, injury by slipping and falling often times falls under the category of premises liability.

Who is liable for your injury?

Under premises liability law, it states that owners of property, homes, or businesses have the duty to provide visitors of their property with a reasonably safe and sanitary environment. If an injury accident is the result of a failure to fulfill this duty, the owner of the premises can be held liable for damages and be compelled to provide compensation to the victim.

At Paisley Law LLC, we represent injured victims of these types of accidents and seek to hold negligence premises owners accountable to their duty to care.

When is a slip & fall accident an issue of premises liability?

As mentioned before, not all fall accidents necessarily result from a failure on the part of the property manager at the time of the incident. There are general guidelines available to business owners and home owners that outline common conditions that can prove dangerous to visitors. These include:

We can help you with the claims process for numerous injuries, including:

  • Safety code violations
  • Negligent security measures (personnel, equipment, etc.)
  • Torn carpeting, raised floors, hidden pot holes, cracked pavements
  • Wet floors
  • Unsecured stairways
  • Lack of safety rails and more

These are only a few examples of circumstances that could be dangerous to the public. The general principle of premises liability law is that, if an owner is aware of potentially harmful or dangerous conditions on the property, he or she has the duty to:

  • Correct the dangerous condition
  • Provide safety measures to get around the dangerous condition
  • Properly warn or advise visitors concerning the dangerous condition (i.e. caution signs, yellow tape, disclaimers, etc.)

If an owner fails to fulfill their duties under premises liability law, he or she will be liable for injuries resulting from their negligence or carelessness.

Are you the victim of such negligence? Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident on another person's property? You may have grounds to claim compensation from the owner of the business or property.

Contact Paisley Law LLC to discuss your situation and explore your options for filing a claim.

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